Why Was Active Edge Fitness Started?

I started Active Edge Fitness after my own life was transformed through exercise and healthy eating. I went from being overweight and hating exercise to being healthy, happy and actually enjoying exercise. I discovered the amazing benefits of exercise both mentally and physically.

I wanted to help other women to feel as good as I do. I knew I had a unique ability to be able to understand emotionally and physically how it feels to be overweight and I have firsthand knowledge on the weight loss journey. I also wanted to show people how exercising can actually be enjoyable and that there are so many more benefits than just losing weight and/or gaining muscle!

Losing weight and improving your health isn’t complicated! I wanted to show women a way through all of the mess the industry has put in front of them to a simple way to lose weight & improve their health!

headshot of brittany frino, Personal trainer of active edge fitness

My Story

I’ve never been a naturally slim person, I’ve had times in my life where I started working out and stopped, losing a little weight and gaining it back, but I was never significantly overweight until a couple of years ago when I accumulated 20kgs of excess fat. I tried many different diets and workouts, sometimes working out for 2 hours a day to try to budge the fat fast but even if it did work for a small amount of time, it wasn’t sustainable so it all came back on. I was determined that there was something wrong with me, I couldn’t lose weight!

I decided to try personal training. At this point, I couldn’t even walk up a small hill without getting puffed so to say I hated exercise was probably an understatement! I decided to try Mobile Personal Training because I needed it to be as easy as possible! If the trainer was showing up at my house there was no way I was getting out of it.

I still remember my first session, we went through the screening and discussed my goals then we did a short workout. I was asked “Can you do a Sit Up?”, I replied “Of course I can!!” but when I went to do one I couldn’t. I was in a bad place physically and mentally.

In just under 12 months I lost my 20kgs through having 2 personal training sessions a week as well as remaining active throughout the rest of the week. I had to alter my eating habits that was healthy and sustainable for me, no salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner here! My whole lifestyle changed! I feel like a different person to who I was 12 months prior and feel so strong!

At this point, I had been working an office job for years and wanted a change. I just detested going to work everyday and it made me stressed and miserable! With the encouragement of my amazing husband and my personal trainer I left my job and started studying fitness! I learnt so much and cannot wait to help as many women as I can to feel amazing about themselves!