Do you need a Gym membership to get fit?

Woman tying her shoelaces preparing to go for a run outside with caption "Do you need a gym membership to get fit?

The time has come, you’ve had your light bulb moment! You’re going to get fit – it’s time to make it happen! What are you going to do? A lot of the time you look around at gyms near your work or your home to see what your options are. Most of the time their prices aren’t listed online so you must go in, which can be intimidating especially if you want to suss out a few options.

You’ve finally (because let's be honest it could take months by the time we get motivated to go in) got some prices and it’s more expensive than you thought or you didn’t like the people or maybe you’re just not sure if you’re going to be comfortable working out in front of everyone. What do you do now? Do you actually need to have a gym membership to get fit?

For those of you who know me or have read the About Me section on this website you’ll know I have lost 20kg's. Throughout this entire journey I did not have a gym membership and still don’t! In short, no, you don’t need a gym membership to get fit. But what if you have no idea what to do to get fit or don’t have much motivation? Below I’ve put some ways you can workout at home and still get some motivation/support!

Mobile Personal Training

Do you want a personal trainer for motivation and to help you hit your goals but aren’t comfortable working out in a gym or simply don’t want to pay for both a gym membership and a personal trainer? Well then a Mobile Personal Trainer is for you! They come to your home or can meet you in a park that is convenient for you both. Usually a Mobile Personal Trainer will provide all of the equipment needed as well. Motivation + Epic Workout in your own home – Mobile PT is for you! Side Note – if you are one of those people who needs someone to motivate you to workout, that’s completely okay! Everyone is different and like different things – do what is going to work for you!

Generic Training Programs

Generic training programs are 6/8/12+ week programs you purchase online without providing any information about yourself. These programs are designed to suit the masses and “usually” are targeted towards a specific goal, for example muscle gain or fat loss. These programs are fantastic if you are self-motivated and don’t have any health problems or injuries. They’re also great value for money and often get fantastic results. If you have more specific goals or have an injury of some sort (eg. back pain, shoulder issues etc…) then having an in-person trainer is probably better for you. Often you will need some form of equipment for these programs as well so you may have to outlay some money for that too.


There are a million and one workouts on YouTube that you can follow. Everything from HIIT to Pilates can be found on there. As with the Generic programs, they’re great for those of you who don’t have any injuries and are self-motivated to be able to do it. YouTube workouts are free which is great and can be easier to find specific workouts (eg. Post Natal etc…). Unfortunately with YouTube you can’t guarantee that the person on the video has any qualifications so be sure to check those out before undertaking their programs/workouts.


Now there are some of you that don’t need any guidance. Perhaps you’ve done a lot of training in the past or you love to run. If you can do a balanced workout with no assistance then that is awesome! Do whatever is going to work for you! So do you need a gym to get fit? No you don’t! You can do whatever is going to work for you. Now don’t get me wrong, gyms have their place in the fitness industry and by no means am I bagging them out. I am planning on joining a gym in the next 6 months so I can start lifting some heavier weights (as I don’t want to outlay thousands of dollars for a whole at home gym setup) so if that’s what you want to do then go for it. Just know there are some more options out there!

I hope this blog has helped you get some new and exciting workout ideas!

Talk Soon!