Fitness New Year's Resolutions

Fireworks with the caption "Fitness New Years Resolutions"

The new year is here! Many of us will set one or multiple resolutions to somehow “better” ourselves in this new year… after all the saying goes “New Year, New Me!” Unfortunately many people give up on their resolutions by February or March. So how can you make sure you don’t give up and can reach your goals in the new year?

1. Be Realistic

Many people go into the New Year with 20 things they want to change and endeavour to do it all at once. Unfortunately, this isn’t realistic. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with all the things you’re suddenly going to add into your week! So, instead of saying I’m going to start exercising 6 times a week and only ever eating salad for lunch and dinner as well as not drinking alcohol for 6 months and cutting out all sugar, oh and I’m going to put in more hours at work to get that promotion… Can you imagine – I think my head would explode trying to fit all of this into my already busy schedule and to be honest, you wouldn’t be able to maintain all of that for very long. So, pick a few things that are the most meaningful to you and go from there.

2. Set Specific Goals

Setting specific goals is a must! These Goals also need to be realistic. If you want to lose 10kgs, chances are this isn’t going to happen in a month so don’t set yourself that goal and then give up when you don’t reach it! Set good goals!

Try to follow the below template for your goals.


Example – I want to exercise between 2 – 3 times each week for 30-60 minutes each time.


Ensure you can track that you’re completing your goals (In the above example you would know if you’ve completed your workouts like you wanted to or not. Whereas if you’d said I want to workout more… if you just go for a walk once you could count that which would be right, but it might not actually get you to where you want to be).


Example – I want to lose 6kgs in the next 4 months (not the next 4 weeks).


Example - If I reach my goal I will reward myself with a weekend away (try to avoid rewarding yourself with food – to see why keep an eye out for my upcoming blog “Rewarding Your Goals”)


Give yourself a realistic deadline to achieve a goal – and account for any holidays you may have during this time!

3. Be Accountable

A lot of people stop reaching for their goals because they cannot keep themselves accountable! How do you overcome this? How about you set a goal with a friend, so you can motivate and keep each other accountable. You could get a Personal Trainer, they can not only keep you accountable but can help you set realistic goals that you’ll actually be able to achieve and train you specifically to reach them!

4. Accept That You’re Not Perfect

No one is perfect and there will be days or weeks that you’re not 100% on track. Does this mean you give up? NO! Put that time behind you and move on. Stuff happens in life that will put us off track but you need to make sure you don’t let that derail you completely. Accept what’s happened and move on. You’ve still got this!

I hope that this has helped set you up to smash those New Years Resolutions! Also, remember - every new day is a new day… You don’t have to wait for a new week, month or year to start smashing your goals!

Talk Soon,