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Welcome to the Active Edge Fitness Love Yourself Challenge! I am really looking forward to helping with your health and fitness journey. Over the next 6 weeks we will be working together to build up your self-confidence while improving your health and fitness! It is very important that you complete all the tasks and workouts to get the best out of this 6 week challenge! Remember; half-hearted effort will give you half hearted (or no!) results! So give this your all! 

Each week you will be given a new task for both your health and fitness and to help you love yourself. With your health and fitness tasks I want you to try and continue these tasks through the weeks. For example the task you’re given for health and fitness in week 1, try and continue to do that same task all the way through to week 6 (and indefinitely hopefully!)

For this week’s Workouts - CLICK HERE!
Your Health and fitness Task - CLICK HERE!
Warm Up & Cool Down Sheet - CLICK HERE!
Measurement Tracker & Goals Setting - CLICK HERE!

Unsure of what exercises you are doing? Check out our YouTube Channel for a video on each exercise so you know what you’re doing!

Something really important I want you to start doing right now is stop talking about your body negatively! Every time you do this I want you to think of 2 positive things about yourself! Stop putting yourself down - you don't need it and it's not helpful so it's time to stop now.

Don’t forget – You choose what results you’re going to get! You need to decide if you’re going to give your all or not! To help with this, I’d like you to read this blog! It has some really amazing information that I know you can benefit from!

Talk Soon,
Brittany Frino
Active Edge Fitness