Why have a Personal Trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer either at the gym or to come to your home may seem like an unnecessary step. A ton of reasons may pop into your head as to why they’re not required but I’ve come up with 5 amazing reasons why you should get a personal trainer!

Woman struggling to stretch her legs on a green field with caption "5 reasons why you need a personal trainer"

1. You Don’t Know Where to Start

Whether you want to lose 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, want to tone up or learn how to lift weights properly, a personal trainer can help. So many people walk into a gym or start to workout at home and have no idea what they’re doing (which can cause injuries!) or only have generic workout plans designed to assist the masses and not you individually. A lot of these people end up giving up on their journey and missing out on a heap of benefits because of this! A personal trainer can help you to get started on your health and fitness journey & teach you how to do exercises properly, with knowledge that will stay with you for life (depending on how good your memory is!).

2. You Aren’t Motivated to Workout

We’ve all been there. Knowing we should be doing something but who can be bothered to research what workouts you should be doing for what you want to achieve and then actually having to do it! You may get motivated to begin with but as time goes on that motivation can wane quickly (unless you’re a superhero which in that case hats off to you!). A Personal Trainer will do all the hard work for you. They’ll find out what you want then create workouts for what you need! On top of that, they’ll make you do it (in a nice way hopefully!) and we all need the extra push sometimes! Having a personal trainer will keep you accountable and help you to stay motivated to smash those goals!

3. You’re Not Seeing Results

It worked great to begin with, now it's stopped. Maybe it never started working! A Personal Trainer could be a great option for you if you’re not seeing results. They can push you harder, change up your workouts to suit you better, advise you on nutrition choices or refer you to someone who can. A personal trainer can also tell you if the goals you have are realistic. Someone might say “I didn’t lose 15kgs in 2 weeks like I wanted, I’m not seeing results”. If you get an expert's advice they’d be able to tell you that 15kg in 2 weeks is not realistic for most people and be able to help you to achieve realistic results and feel good about those accomplishments!

4. You Want to be Challenged

Everyone likes to push the boundaries sometimes but not everyone knows how. Having a personal trainer will be able to challenge your abilities SAFELY! They will push you but not beyond what you can bear. A challenge doesn't always have to be running a Tough Mudder or competing in a bodybuilding competition either! Maybe you want to learn different ways to use medicine balls, want to start boxing or run 5k. These things can and will challenge you!

5.  Your Workouts are Boring!

Doing the same thing every time? Never been game to try anything other than going for a walk/run? Trust me, that will get boring after a while and it will also stop being effective. Your body is amazing and it will adjust quickly. What results you once got will eventually plateau. A personal trainer will be able to continually mix it up so it's not boring but it can be structured in such a way that you will still be getting the most out of the workouts!

So, there you have it! 5 reasons how a Personal Trainer can help you.


Stay Happy & Healthy!

Britt x