Why LISS Should be a Part of Your Routine!

Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS) has become very popular over the last few years! LISS can be any form of cardio (running, walking, cycling etc…) that you perform at a low intensity for a prolonged period of time (usually 30 minutes or longer).

You may be wondering why do LISS? Won’t it burn less calories than a workout or HIIT? Well, see below some of the great benefits of LISS!

Woman Running Through Park

It’s Easy to Do
Often people struggle to add extra exercise into their routine because they end up burning out, becoming too tired and not wanting to train at all any more. Because LISS is low intensity it is easy to perform and shouldn’t burn you out.

It’s the perfect active recovery day!
If you’ve already performed a few workouts this week adding in another HIIT or resistance session may just be too much for you but you want to move daily still. Do LISS! It's easy on your body and keeps you moving!

It can help to burn fat
Training at a lower intensity for a longer period of time means that there is more oxygen flowing to your muscles during training. This means your body after some time may switch to burning fat for fuel rather than carbs. I say “may” because everybody is different, LISS does burn calories though meaning you’re going to help that energy balance!

It can help relieve stress!
Moving your body, getting outside or away from your home/work is a great way to reduce stress! I always find that after a walk I come back feeling less stressed and more ready to face anything that comes my way!

So that’s just some of the great reasons why LISS is so beneficial for us! As I mentioned LISS is pretty easy to do and you can find what works for you! If you don’t like running you can try swimming or walking. The options are extensive as long as you remember Low Intensity and for a pro-longed period of time!

What kind of LISS do you want to try?

Talk Soon,
Brittany Frino
Active Edge Fitness