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Our Personal Trainer Britt lost 22kg in under 12 months.

This was made possible through the help of a trainer.

We want to help you achieve the same amazing results!

We offer Mobile Personal Training locally in southern Brisbane Suburbs and also Online Personal Training programs tailored to get you the best possible results! Our goal is to provide flexible and achievable fitness programs that will become a core part of your healthy lifestyle, now and into the future to come.


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You want to burn more fat in less time!

You want to feel confident!

You want to get fit and feel great!

You want to keep up with the kids!


Is this you?

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Be Trained by a Weight Loss Expert



Our head Personal Trainer Brittany has lost 20+ kg through consistent healthy eating and regular exercise and has sustained her goal weight since 2015. To be able to assist as many people as possible on this difficult journey, she got herself qualified as a Personal Trainer.

We tailor programs for each individual and take a balanced approached to exercise and healthy eating. When you train with Active Edge Fitness you get the convenience of a Mobile Personal Trainer and choose the time and place to train every week. We make training fun and living a healthy lifestyle enjoyable!



💥 AEF sessions burn more fat in less time. Burn fat for HOURS after sessions have finished!

AEF sessions make it harder to put fat back on!

AEF will help you to feel more body confident and balanced, faster. No feeling guilty here!

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