8 Week Bridal Online Coaching - Pay As You Go

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Britt and Clinton 0771.jpg

8 Week Bridal Online Coaching - Pay As You Go


Our subscription service for our pay as you go Bridal Online Coaching is run through Ezidebit. The initial payment of $50.00 will be processed through our website. The following 7 payments will be processed through Ezidebit.

Please note: you will receive an email regarding setup of this service after initial payment has been made. Your first payment through Ezidebit will be processed on the 2nd week of your 8 week program.

Some Ezidebit transaction fees do apply.

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Shredding for the Wedding Includes:

-          1-on-1 Online Fully Customised Fitness Coaching

-          Weekly Check Ins to make ongoing modifications to get the best results

-          Tailored Nutrition Plan, eat chocolate & lose weight!

-          24/7 Online Support

-          Lifestyle/Training tips and advice to make sure your results stay!

-          Dedicated Facebook group for support & tips!

All of this for just $400 or $50 per week! What are you waiting for? Join now to feel your absolute best on your wedding day!